About Me

My PhD was from the University of Colorado, Boulder in Linguistics and Cognitive Science (2015) and my dissertation explored the representation and identification of Hindi complex predicates in lexicalized grammars and linguistic resources. My advisors were Martha Palmer and Bhuvana Narasimhan.

In Boulder, I worked on a project to build the Hindi PropBank, which is a large-scale annotation project for the semantic role labelling of Hindi. My doctoral research has also been funded by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and the Colorado Graduate School. My current post-doctoral funding is from the Department of Science and Technology (Govt. of India), specifically, the Cognitive Science Research Initiative (CSRI).

I have been associated with the Department of Linguistics as well as the Institute of Cognitive Science at CU-Boulder.  I am a graduate of LTRC (Language Technologies Research Centre) in IIIT-Hyderabad (2009), University of Mumbai (2005) and St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai (2003). My CV can be found here.